The easy party: the Cocktail party

The wonderful Side Car.

The wonderful Side Car.

In the next few weeks the holiday season will be in full swing and as the end of the year approaches we think of all the friends we would still like to see this year. Make it simple to see all your besties by throwing a cocktail party.

Don't over think it, just do it. Here's how:

Pick one kind of drink for the evening...and serve that as the "focus"drink. It could be the classic Martini, a tangy Margarita, an elegant Manhattan or create your own concoction. 

Then, always have white wine or red wine, and sparkling water. that beverages are taken care

Finger food is a must...and if you can avoid plates, that much better. Here are some suggestions:

Take William Sonoma's Pumpkin Butter and pour it over a farmers cheese of fromage blanc and serve it with a selection of crackers. Decorate with salted pumpkin seeds. YUM.

Take the Spanish route and make a tray with Serrano ham, Manchego cheese, olives, and Marcona almonds.

Simple crostinis are great, take baguette or ciabatta cut on the diagonal, toast in oven and top with: smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill. Sundried tomato puree and feta cheese is lovely too for a vegetarian option.

If you want to go fancy, fancy...a classic pate, quail eggs with mayonnaise or if you can get it, fresh sashimi.

For ambiance light lots of candles. For music play some lounge re-mix and add holiday songs by Sinatra or Dean Martin. For flowers, stick to one kind and make a statement: white roses, Casablanca lilies.

Of course then it comes to merry and bright...choose something comfortable since you will be running around: leggings and a caftan top with lots of jewelry looks great. Of course, don't forget your BuDhaGirl All Weather bangles...put on several sets for maximum glamour. As you put on your All Weather bangles, think of each of your friends attending your party and make an intention or wish for them. This is mindful glamour.

Chin, chin


Posted on November 10, 2014 .