The Dalí Dinner...

Every once in a while I have been inspired to really go off the deep end and give a party that is transformative for me and for the guests. This was the case when I gave The Dalí dinner party for FDLuxe in Dallas.

Salvador Dalí was a magician, showman, gourmand, bon vivant and of course an artist. He singlehandedly can provide inspiration on many levels, from his eccentric costumes, to his cookbook filled with a collection of bizarre and extraordinary recipes, to atmospheric transformation of the environment through dramatic backdrops and props.

As I set to work on the party one of my challenges was to edit, there was so much material; I had to narrow my focus.

First the guest list: it had to be comprised of artists, gourmands and bon vivants.

Secondly, the menu: A dinner inspired by the Catalan region of Dalí’s birthplace.

Third: Décor, red velvet and white roses. Dalí’s most famous images made into charger plates.

Fourth: Music, a playlist comprised of 50’s and 60’s European lounge, mixed with sung Flamenco, jazz and tango.

Fifth: Create the illusion that Dalí himself was present at the dinner.

I loved giving that party. It took everything out of me. I cooked everything served that night and I was thrilled to share it with my family and friends. Take a look...




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