Most Wanted || Gold All-Weather Bangles

gold all weather bangles
gold all weather bangles

The All Weather Gold Bangles are just so fabulous in every possible way.  And even though they need no introduction we wanted to formally highlight them in our 'Most Wanted' series where we showcase our different products. In this series, we love giving you ideas as to how to wear these pieces, style them, and more importantly how they can help you lead a more mindful life. The All Weather Gold Bangles are light, they don't make a sound (you are welcome!), are water resistant (perfect for poolside gatherings), they are TSA approved (you can travel and still be chic? what is that all about?) and they help us set our intentions for the day while we put them on in the morning and they help us be grateful when we take them off in the evening. Uhm, in our minds this is the most complete piece of jewelry we have ever encountered. This daily routine of putting them on and taking them off will quickly become a ritual and will settle your mind at the beginning and end of each day. 

The All Weather Gold Bangles are great to mix and match with other bracelets. Wear them all in one wrist or split them up- 4 on one side and 5 in the other.

Our All Weather Gold Bangles are made with gold dust filament suspended in flexible, polyvinyl carbonate rings, and sealed with our exclusive BuDhaGirl prayer beads, allowing them to go from the pool, to the office, and to the airport all without needing to leave your wrist. They come in a set of nine, and feature  a Christian, Buddhist, or Serenity prayer bead in each bangle.

For the ritual- When you slide your All Weather Gold Bangles on one by one. Focus on being present, and in the Now. Each intention you make will be with you throughout the day. Inner peace can be attained no matter the circumstance. We must live in the present moment and take joy from it, for this is living in the Now.

Go, Be it.


[photos by Albertina Cisneros]


Posted on June 5, 2015 .