A BuDhaGirl Admires a Lotus Flower


One of the greatest qualities of a BuDhaGirl is that she finds beauty everywhere and appreciates its importance in our daily lives.  Today we are admiring a lotus flower.  We admire it for its beauty, its journey and for its achievements.

Lotus flowers are not only beautiful and graceful but they also symbolize determination. You see, the lotus flower's story is one of humble beginnings as it is born from muddy and murky waters. It rises upward into the light and blooms radiantly to share its beauty with us all, as it floats above the dirty waters from which it came.  That difficult journey from dark to light, from bottom to top, from seed to flower- can be accomplished through determination and purpose. As BuDhaGirls, we can appreciate the symbolism of the lotus' journey and draw a parallel between it and our own spiritual journeys as we strive to overcome our sometimes crooked human nature in order to realize our true potential as human beings.  This is such an important lesson to learn and we love being reminded of its importance through the lotus flower's beauty. This is why we admire it.

What are you admiring today?

[photo by Lekha Singh]


Posted on May 15, 2015 and filed under Lifestyle.