Get the Look || Tough Biker Chic



Never judge a book by it's cover. We love this young and daring look for Fall.  It's tough on the outside yet has the presence of Mindful Glamour® in all its accessories. A tough biker girl with the best leather jacket and boots can be just as mindful as your bestie who practices yoga and meditation day-in and day-out and hangs out strictly in workout clothes. This is why we love our brand- BuDhaGirl is inclusive and we acknowledge that it's who you really are in the inside that is most important.

This girl is a tough cookie but in this toughness she is aware of her effect on others and knows how to improve this world utilizing her strengths.  We all strive to do the best we can and it's nice to have BuDhaGirl helping us toward this mission- promoting mindfulness through it's beautiful pieces. Take our black lace lariat. It is chic and cozy all in one.  Lace has a delicate nature yet is very strong.  Lace  is an expression of art, craftsmanship and precision. It is not quickly made and has been known to last for centuries. Don't we all try and make something that will outlast our lifetime? We have kids, write books, create art....all in hopes of leaving a piece ourselves behind after we are gone.

Like lace that reminds us that to be tough and strong we don't have to forget our more delicate side our biker girl wears bright pops of color for bracelets with of our Stingray bracelets. These spectacular bracelets are wrapped in one of the world's most luxurious materials, stingray shagreen. Each wrist wrap comes with our signature "CHOP" end caps, but features a magnetic end to interchange them with our other BuDhaGirl End Caps that serve as your daily Reminders™. Choose each end cap depending on what you need to focus on. Lotus (friendship), Buddha (focus and healing), Snake (year of 2013), Ganesha (removes obstacles), Angel Wings (guidance), and Heart (love). What will you be working on today?

Be tough and mindful with this look. Get the black lace lariat here and see all our stingray and end cap options here.

Go. Be, it.