Jewelry as Decor

   "Beauty will save the world"  Dostoevsky


"Beauty will save the world"


BuDhaGirl, Couture
   " Beauty is no more than a promise of happiness"  Stendhal


" Beauty is no more than a promise of happiness"


Jewelry as decor!  When a creation is so beautiful you want others to enjoy it as well!  We don't want to hide it in the closet, we want to share it with others.   This way you can admire it during your regular day-to-day comings and goings and so can the rest of your family.  So, why not use it as decor in your home? This pretty and glamorous piece part of the BuDhaGirl Haute Couture collection has found its new place.  It is stunning on, but it is equally as stunning encased in its pedestal. It is a stand-alone work of art.

This specific piece, called ALBERTINA, is a mix of Peahen feathers, rooster feathers and hand made wool fleece pompoms. Jessica then added a  vintage 1920's bar pin in forest green soap stone with hematite surround. ALBERTINA is  finished with hand-dyed silk ribbon from Earth Silk®  exclusively for BuDhaGirl. "I love working with my hands...after debuting Women of Importance, my sculpture collection, I missed the opportunity  of actually creating something myself. Through BUDHAGIRL COUTURE I am able to unleash my imagination to bring BuDhaGirls a true part of me...imbuing my energy into each piece." 

Each BUDHAGIRL COUTURE necklace is packaged in its own 16 X 16 inch acrylic case, and black Leatherette neck form. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.  Here are a few more from the collection-

Are you inspired to see your special handbags, fancy shoes, classic scarves differently?  To see the complete collection of BuDhaGirl Haute Couture Collection visit here.

[Photos by Albertina Cisneros]

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