Introducing the Karina Collection

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

The Karina collection for BuDhaGirl truly embodies everything I love about BuDhaGirls: confidence and style.  Karina has a bold point of view. Nothing is sort of, or kind of, it is true “runway” fashion jewelry. It is all about finishing your wardrobe with sophistication by using statement pieces.

Using fantastic Florentine materials, Karina crafts with leather, silk fringe, passamentarie cord, and the most beautiful bold crystal chains. She mixes all these materials to form beautiful bibs and pendant necklaces then finishes them with Swarovski crystals and genuine cameos from Sienna.

Seven necklaces debut in Karina’s collection all in a range of very BuDhaGirl colors: black & shocking pink. There is also a sublime dusty blue and a gorgeous violet and green medallion. Of course tassels will be found as they are BuDhaGirl favorites.

We hope you will add at least one Karina necklace to your BuDhaGirl wardrobe. They all have lovely stories inspired by Florence’s famous neighborhoods and landmarks.

Ciao BuDhaGirls…

Posted on October 10, 2016 and filed under Style, Lifestyle, Fashion + Style, Fashion.