The world is magical. Even today with science being able to prove so many things using sequencing, technology and the scientific method, there are things we simply cannot explain. Maybe we will never be able to explain them because they have no explanation. They just are.

And just are, is very similar to just being.

Just being is a magical state. It is very hard to achieve because of the constant inner dialogue in our mind, the bombardment of technology, the need to be effective at everything, and the thought that without us nothing will get done.

Why can’t we be just like a flower, a fish, or Fred?

Flowers, fish, and Fred exist, they are real. They are living. They experience night and day. They are dependent upon nature and the fate the universe hands them to survive. Why can’t we be like them? Even for a few minutes?

Letting go, trusting that we will be okay, allowing ourselves to believe in things we cannot explain is the road to just being. In the state of just being we become aware of a world that is bigger than us yet we are part of this world.  There is no me and there is no they.

Understanding this concept is magic.

Posted on October 28, 2016 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness.