Mindful Monday... It's Almost Here!

I can’t believe next week will mark our fourth Mindful Monday. It seems like only yesterday that we were so nervous about the “BIG” day. Our tiny e-commerce platform was expected to play in the digital arena along with the big boys…and we did.

Every year now, we look forward to expanding our BuDhaGirl Tribe and for those 24 hours give everybody a fabulous 35% OFF site-wide. Yes, all your favorites: All Weather Bangles, Temple Chains, Verve Wristlettes, BDG Reminders®, everything that you love at wonderful savings.

So celebrate with us this Mindful Monday, November 28th, and get ready for the holidays by giving yourself and others beautiful BuDhaGirl jewelry and accessories all with Mindful Glamour™ Rituals.

Each one of our products has a Mindful Glamour™ Ritual that asks you to:


A Mindful Glamour™ Ritual sticker will be our gift to you with every purchase.

Posted on November 25, 2016 and filed under Style, Lifestyle, Fashion + Style, Around the Web.