MHB's 90th

On this the occasion of my mom’s 90th birthday I thought I should go all out…after all she has been going all out for nearly a century. The best way I can describe my mother is disciplined grace. The world could be burning down (and her building has threatened to do so a couple of times) and she will dress, put on lipstick and a scarf and then walk out into the horrors of what’s happening looking great, it is easier that way.

Here are some of her rules to live by and my interpretations of them:

Always be put together.

this means look the part, don’t be lazy, and don’t take people’s acceptance of your look for granted

Never apologize for the way you look.

if you follow her first rule, then you should have no problem with number two

Always make your bed in the morning.

it will feel great to see your bed beautifully made when coming home, and God forbid you don’t come home, people won’t say you were a slob

Sit down to eat.

set a place mat, a napkin, take your time, enjoy your food

Don’t go barefoot.

your feet will get wider, and it is bad because you can get a cold


so you can have a conversation

Balance is the key to eating.

never too much, don’t snack, eat the best food you can eat

A tortilla a day keeps the doctor away.

the corn and the lime helps you keep bone density

Good shoes, good handbag.

if that is all you can afford, go for great accessories…make sure you know how you look walking in the shoes

Demand good service.

when you pay for something, don’t let other people’s standards compromise yours

Better a little of something great, than lots of something mediocre.

it is not size that counts

Listen to your mother.

she is coming at you with love, even if you don’t see it that way…

All I can tell you is that my mother has lived it up. She was born in a time where the world allowed you to be glamorous and she lived that way…she still does. Help me celebrate Marina’s birthday: raise a glass, say a cheer, and wish that you too will be as healthy, happy, strong, resilient, brave and amazing as she.

Posted on December 26, 2016 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Style, Jessica Jesse, Inspiration.