Strand Necklaces

Just in time for spring...

These classic metallic beauties are versatile and glamorous.

Wear them during the day for a touch of shine, or save them for the evening for an elegant statement.

 Strand Necklace #9  in hematite or gold mix 

 Strand Necklace #9 in hematite or gold mix 

Luxe inter-locking chains make our Strand Necklace #9. Every great wardrobe needs divine, classic chains.

Why did we name it Strand Necklace #9?

The number nine appears frequently across cultures. From the nine Greek muses to Gautama Buddha’s nine virtues, nine implies a sense of completion and wholeness.

  Strand Necklace #26  in Black & Gold or white & gold 

 Strand Necklace #26 in Black & Gold or white & gold 

This Strand Necklace is made of tiny metal beads and finished with a hand-dyed silk ribbon.

We call the Strand Necklace #26 the “Agape” chain, which means “love” in Greek.

When you wear the Agape chain, you remind yourself to be diplomatic and radiate love.

After all, giving love to others is a gift to oneself.

Posted on February 24, 2016 and filed under Fashion + Style, Fashion, Mindfulness.