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I remember Hotel Villa Vera in the late 1960s. I was pretty young, but I felt so grown up and sophisticated whenever we were guests at the hotel. Although the Acapulco resort was a laid-back destination, my parents always dressed to the nines for dinner, and it was a glamorous experience from check-in to check-out.

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When I was older, I discovered the swim-up bar - lauded as the first swim-up bar in the world. I fondly recall drinking champagne in the infinity pool until 3:00am, and then finding the pool staff trying to remove all the empty champagne bottles from the plaster statues around the pool the next morning - oops.

villa vera swim up bar

Villa Vera was not only a beautiful, internationally recognized resort, but also home to tennis pros from around the world. The grounds had amazing clay and grass courts, which were scattered amongst the chic “casitas,” or guest bungalows. The aesthetic of Villa Vera was natural, vibrant and fresh; think bright white cotton towels, straw palapas, bougainvilleas in every color imaginable, and of course the blue sky and ocean.

To this day, whenever I think of Villa Vera, I smile. 

[Photo by Slim Aarons]

[Photo by Slim Aarons]

When creating the BuDhaGirl Spring/Summer 2016 collection with the design team, Villa Vera immediately came to my mind. The Villa Vera was at the heart of our inspiration because it is an icon of the retro-chic aesthetic and represents the ultimate spring break getaway. In the current BuDhaGirl collection, you'll be harkened back to bygone days with glam straw handbags, touches of raffia, cha-cha key fobs and bright, energetic colors to uplift your spirit for spring.

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