Living an Inspired Life: Petal Pig

Everyone's favorite pig, Petal, is back on the scene for spring! We sat down with this sweet swine to learn how she keeps work and life in balance, and what mindfulness means to her. Did you know that a unique piece from our current collection is inspired by Petal Pig? See what she has to say about it!

At what age did you start your modeling career?  Were you scouted or did you pursue it?

I started modeling right away.  When I was a few weeks old, I was already posing for photos in my tutu.  I didn’t realize it then, but I was a born model.  I think it was Christmas, during a photoshoot... I was wearing a Santa hat and that’s when I knew I was good, really good.  At that moment I knew I should pursue modeling full-time.  Not long after, I booked my gig with BudhaGirl!

What is your dream assignment and who would be your dream client?

I would absolutely LOVE to work with Jif Peanut Butter and Chiquita Banana.  And I’m thinking a beach shoot would be fun. I would love to visit the Bahamas and meet those swimming pigs!

How do you stay so fit?

I try to get the “zoomies” daily and spend plenty of time in the yard grazing, sensibly of course.  I also get plenty of exercise running around with my doggy siblings!

What is your skincare routine?

Little known fact, but pigs actually have very dry skin.  I combat this by eating organic coconut oil and getting a rub down with Aveeno lotion.  I also love exfoliating against the coffee table or a scratching post.

What fashion trends are you loving this season?

Regardless of the season, my favorite trends are the ones that make you feel good about yourself.

What is your favorite piece of BuDhaGirl Jewelry? What intentions do you set?

The Petal Pig Fob from the Villa Vera collection!  It’s bright, fashionable, and has a positive energy! The intentions I set include: I will get extra carrots, I will get lots of tummy rubs, and I will get snuggles with my humans. After meditating on these intentions with my Petal Pig Fob, I always achieve my intentions. 

Why is mindfulness import to you?

Mindfulness is asserting control over your life via your mind.  Too many people let their mind run wild and untamed – I find peace in the moment.  More carrots please!

What other models do you look up to?

Well, my hero and inspiration is Miss Piggy.  She has opened the barnyard door for so many pigs like me.  Also, Arnold of Green Acres fame – you have to see his spread in Life Magazine from 1970!

Tell us 3 facts about yourself that might surprise us.

I love to meditate in the sun, I can jump all the way onto the couch and I live with 3 dogs and a cat.

Finally, how do you keep all the aspects of your career and life in balance?

Plenty of water, plenty of sleep, and I never sweat the small stuff. And actually, pigs don't sweat, so that's pretty easy for me! 

Lifestyle photos by Albertina Cisneros

Posted on March 23, 2016 and filed under Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration.