Living an Inspired Life: Robin Hackett


Robin Hackett is a Dallas-based singer and songwriter. Robin’s abundant creativity, mindfulness and dedication to meditation solidify her as a true BuDhaGirl. Discover how this Grammy-nominated songstress radiates confidence and calm using BuDhaGirl jewelry and meditative practices.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a singer and songwriter of inspirational, uplifting music. When I’m not singing, writing – or traveling! – I’m teaching musical theater and acting at the International Conservatory of Performing Arts.

Why does BuDhaGirl resonate with you?

BuDhaGirl resonates with me because of its concept. I meditate every single day in the morning, even if it’s just taking five minutes to stop and breathe, and BuDhaGirl jewelry is the perfect addition to my meditative practice. This jewelry is made with intention, and with each affirmation, it makes me feel special.

When you put on your BuDhaGirl jewelry, what intentions do you set?

I set an intention for every two bangles. I say, I am beautiful, I am loving, I am slim and I am attractive.

Why is mindfulness important to you?

My BuDhaGirl jewelry reinforces the principles that I’ve learned in my Buddhist meditation group. When I have monkey mind, and I’m thinking a million miles an hour, or maybe I’m stuck on a negative thought, it’s important to slow down, ground myself and be mindful. Looking down at my BuDhaGirl bangles reminds me to always return to this thoughtful state and prioritize my intentions.  

Tell us about your Buddhist meditation group.

I’ve been going to the Dallas Meditation Center for 10 years. What I love about it is that they invite musicians to come in for a two-hour program on Sunday evenings. The program consists of both a sitting and walking meditation, kirtan chanting, inspiring messages and beautiful music. No matter how much experience you have meditating, it’s a great way to establish mindfulness for the week ahead. 

Posted on April 4, 2016 and filed under Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration.