Oaxacan Clay Bead Strand Necklace

Our latest necklace collection was inspired by Oaxaca, Mexico and the traditional barro negro craft. The origins of barro negro, or black clay, extend back over centuries. This special clay is found in a specific region of Oaxaca, and is a stunning black color due to the natural properties of the clay. From intricate pots and vases to delicate beads, barro negro is molded into incredible objects and fired in underground pits at 700 degrees celsius. 

BuDhaGirl brings craftsmanship, tradition and natural wonder to your jewelry box with the Oaxacan Clay Bead Strand Necklace. Available as both a single and double strand, The Oaxacan Clay Bead Necklace features highly lustrous, black clay beads woven onto 100% artisanal silk yarn knitted strands.

BuDhaGirl offers a Oaxacan Clay Bead Strand Necklace for everyone and every aesthetic. Wear a single strand long, double it over, our wear our multi-strand necklace for maximum visual impact. Trendsetters, experiment with layering single strands and multi-strands to make an alluring statement.

Oaxacan Clay Bead Strand Necklaces are a celebration of new and old,

a beautiful fusion of rustic and refined.

Posted on April 8, 2016 and filed under Fashion, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel.