Words of Wisdom: Earth Day Edition

Today on Earth Day, Buddha's powerful statement asks us to pause and consider:

what footprint are we leaving on this beautiful world?

Aniconic representation of Buddha's footprints

Aniconic representation of Buddha's footprints

The natural world has blessed us with abundance. Abundance of beauty, abundance of life, abundance of food, abundance of wisdom. But what have we given back? Earth Day reminds us that now is the time to give back and create positive change.

All of us need to steady the swinging pendulum of nature, and give back to the earth as much as we take.

I believe that change begins with the one. The self. The Law of Little Things. Big changes are overwhelming, but by making slight modifications and practicing them with presence daily, together we can generate a movement that changes the world and the way that we live.

Ready to make a big change? Here are my 5 little tips to cause a positive impact:

Turn off the lights - Your furniture doesn't need a light source when you are away. Conserve energy when and where you can.

Candlelit evening - Once a week, schedule a candlelit evening. It saves energy, everyone looks great, plus it gives you an idea how our ancestors lived.

Build an organic compost - Recycle your unused organic waste and feed the earth, too!

Meatless Monday - Avoid eating meat one day a week, it's good for you and for the planet.

Reduce waste - Say no to products that produce an unnecessary amount of waste, such as plastic water bottles, and be considerate of the sanitation workers who pick up your trash. How can you make your waste more compact and less messy?

Take the pledge this Earth Day to lighten your footprint on the earth.

What small steps will you take to make a big, positive impact on our environment?