2016 Active Trends

Being healthy is always on trend. The techniques we use to get healthy - those change with the times. Forget ten minutes on the treadmill... this summer, we'll be putting our BuDhaGirl Active Gear to good use with these engaging, innovative active trends. 


Wearable Technology: From the Apple Watch to the FitBit, wearable technology is taking people of all ages by storm. By tracking our movements throughout the day, we are able to have a quantifiable sense of how active we are or are not being. After all, being fit is about challenging and competing with yourself as opposed to other people - wearable fitness technology helps us do just that.

Combination Activities: Challenge your body, and your mind, with a fun and engaging combination workout. Depending on the city you're in, you'll have a choice of combination activities you didn't know existed: pilates and boxing (Piloxing), cycling and boxing, pilates and running ... the options are endless. What's great about these types of workouts is that they encourage you to use certain muscles in various ways in just one session.

HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training is a muscle-building, fat-burning activity that is intense to say the least! This type of workout has gained popularity because you get visible results quickly through a short workout (20 minutes). HIIT will give you a chiseled sprinter's body with defined arms and quads.

Salt Yoga: Salt Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga and salt therapy. Salt, an antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory mineral, has been used for centuries to improve the immune system, banish allergies and improve skin texture. Salt therapy can be used to improve athletic performance by opening up the respiratory system, therefore allowing the blood to become more oxygenated. With salt yoga, the breath becomes deeper, making your yoga practice more present.


Cryotherapy: Keep in mind that allowing your body to recover is just as important as the working out. Cryotherapy is a trendy recovery treatment where your body is submerged in a deep-freezing tank for several minutes. This treatment has been known to decrease inflammation, reduce pain, increase blood circulation, and even help you lose weight. Would you be willing to take the plunge?

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