BuDhaGirl Moms: Meet Addylene

As Mother's Day approaches, everyone on the BuDhaGirl Team is honoring their mothers and all they have taught them throughout the years about style, mindfulness, and living an inspired life.

Today, we're introducing Addylene, Chuck's mother. Chuck is our General Manager and keeps us all in check at the office!



My mother, Addylene, passed in 1997 at the young age of 67. She left an indelible mark on all she touched and today is still a guiding force in my life.

My memories of her are full of moments of great laughter and joy. I believe her to be my first great spiritual teacher through her demonstrations of what true unconditional love and respect for others really looked like. Through her battle with breast cancer, she remained positive (always keeping a sense of humor about her) and exemplified true courage when facing the most challenging circumstance of her life.

Mom had a great sense of style and was an impeccable dresser. She was always brilliantly coordinated and took pride in her appearance. Her sense of adventure caused her to try “The Shag” haircut when it was in fashion… mistake! She quickly remedied that misstep but unfortunately not until we all got a big laugh at her expense. Her lessons on, and love of, shopping were not wasted on me that’s for sure!

Some of her key shopping and style tips were:

1. If you see something you really like, get it because it might not be there later.

2. If you find something that fits you really well, buy it in all the colors that look good on you.

3. Don’t leave the house without looking your best because you never know who you might see or who might see you.

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