Get Active with Verve On-the-Go

One of the essential pieces in the BuDhaGirl Active collection is the Verve Wrist Band. I named this piece the "Verve" because it signifies vigor, spirit, enthusiasm and vitality. Verves are soft, stretchable, silicone wrist bands studded with a tiny Brass Buddha head and a Swarovski rondelle bead that help you set an intention for your workout. 

Verve Wrist Bands are lightweight and easy to slide on and off for daily use. These bands are small but impactful. Studies show that athletes who set intentions and visualize their results are more successful in their efforts than those who do not. Whether you're training for a marathon or attending a yoga class, you can remind yourself of your purpose and intention each time you catch a glimpse of your Verve Wrist Band.

 Verve Wrist Bands are available in a variety of colors; choose from black, blue, green and pink. Wear one color or the whole collection at once for functional Mindful Glamour and inspired physical activity. 

Just in time for summer, we invite you to enjoy the
5 colors of the Verves On-the-Go collection for the price of 4.
For a limited time, you'll not only save 20% on the whole collection, but you'll expand your intention-setting possibilities infinitely.

Posted on May 25, 2016 and filed under Fashion, Style, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.