This fall, discover BuDhaGirl's Caravan Collection.

Caravans conjure up images of fascinating, far away lands, and the rich history of trade in the east. These traveling groups allowed for commerce to thrive by bringing beautiful, in-demand products to central hubs from remote places.

In pre-modern times, caravans connected East Asia to Europe in order to transfer luxurious, lucrative goods including silks, spices, teas, and jewelry. Many rulers, kings, and sultans along important trade routes constructed caravanserais, places where caravans could refresh their animals and refresh their supplies. The luxurious goods brought by caravans were a boon to local economies and they provided, to those who could afford the prices, precious, exotic items that were not otherwise available.

Defense and protection was of utmost importance to caravans. The traders and merchants in the caravan felt more comfortable knowing others in the group “had their back”; in a sense, power in numbers. As you can imagine, a slow moving train of incredible goods was a tempting offering for bandits.

For our fall collection, BuDhaGirl was inspired by the exotic lands where caravans traveled and by the diverse offerings they carried back to Europe with them. We love imagining a dreamy landscape filled with spice markets, bowls of colorful pigments, patterned silks, and decorated camels swaying through sand dunes. 

Join us on our Caravan Collection journey this fall and savor the process of arriving at your destination.