Professions of the Future

As the summer fades into fall, thoughts turn towards organization, motivation, school, and work. We shake off the warm weather haze and get serious about setting intentions to refine professional skills and meet longterm goals. This fall, maybe you're at the beginning of your professional journey and just about to choose a college major, or perhaps you've long since discovered your career calling. In either scenario, keeping a weathered eye on the future is a must. In honor of this season of new professional endeavors, we've rounded up the top upcoming majors and career paths that go beyond healthcare and engineering. 

Robotics: As a large portion of the population ages, and a smaller, younger workforce replaces them, we'll find that we don't have enough hands on deck to care for the elderly and perform many jobs once done by hand. Robotic technology comes into play here to fill crucial gaps in the workforce from healthcare to manufacturing.

Agricultural Engineering: The principal of this study and line of work is to grow food in more sustainable ways. In the future, we face a growing population, limited water and restricted farming space. Agricultural engineering will find creative ways to make the variables work together.

Hospitality Management: It's safe to say that all industries are becoming increasingly competitive. In order to have the edge and increase revenue, hotels, restaurants and the like must have a beautiful space, a unique product, and a stand-out staff. Hospitality management trains individuals to give their guests an experience they won't soon forget.

3D Printing: In recent years, the capabilities of 3D printing have grown astronomically. What once seemed outlandish and unreal is now a very accessible technique for production. As technologies are refined, the price of producing via 3D printing has decreased, making the demand skyrocket. It is predicted that with time, 3D printing will becoming increasingly precise and popular.

Alternative Energy: For the scientifically minded, look no further than the field of alternative energy. Similarly to affordable healthcare, there will always be a need for affordable energy, and oil won't always cut it. This career will invent for methods such as solar panels and wind power to channel renewable energy for the world population. 

Law: Last but not least, law is always a wise professional choice. That being said, the industry is currently saturated and some legal categories will be more in demand than others in the future. Reports predict that international law and elder law will be at the forefront of legal needs. 

What other careers do you think will gain popularity and importance in the next 10 to 15 years?


Posted on September 7, 2016 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration.