Living an Inspired Life: Sallie Fraenkel

Sallie Fraenkel and her All Weather Bangles at the 2016 Global Wellness Summit

Sallie Fraenkel and her All Weather Bangles at the 2016 Global Wellness Summit

Sallie Fraenkel is a truly innovative, creative BuDhaGirl. With over 30 years of experience in the spa, wellness and entertainment industries and a life-long passion for travel, Sallie founded The Mind Body Spirit Network. Through MBSN, Sallie creates "wellness travel experiences with heart" that combine elements of the wellness lifestyle, including pursuits of the mind, body and spirit, with volunteering. These transformative travel experiences integrate the wellbeing of the individual with the wellbeing of the planet. Today, Sallie tells us the destinations that are next on her list, her favorite words of wisdom, and much, much more.

BuDhaGirl: Why did you begin Mind Body Spirit Network?

Sallie Fraenkel: After 30 years in the corporate world working for two companies, I was ready to chart my own course by launching the Mind Body Spirit Network.  Synthesizing my love for wellness travel, spas, the mind-body connection and connecting people became my drive to create MBSN.

BDG: How did you discover BuDhaGirl?   

SF: I discovered BuDhaGirl at an event at Centro in Mexico City while attending the Global Wellness Summit. 

BDG: Why is mindfulness important to you?

SF: Being in the present moment isn’t always easy, but I find practicing mindfulness enhances my ability to truly see what is happening around me and be more aware of my own reactions.

All Weather Bangles strike smiles!

All Weather Bangles strike smiles!

BDG: What intentions do you set? 

SF: I often set intentions.  Most recently, I set an intention while doing a physical challenge at Miraval called “Out on a Limb.”  That intention was to deal with my fear.  I’ve learned that I cannot expect to get rid of my fears, but I am learning how to better deal with fear through more mindful living.

BDG: What are your top travel tips?  

SF: I have so many “top travel tips,” but one of my top would be to create a “wellness toolkit” to take with you.  Mine contains healthy snacks, aromatherapy sprays (I like LotusWei and Essence of Valli), a golf ball to roll under my feet and special inhalation crystals given to me by my dear friend Wendy for when I feel stuffed up!

BDG: Tell us about the most transformative trip you’ve ever taken. 

SF: I’ve been fortunate to take so many transformative trips that it’s hard to narrow it down!  But I would have to say that my first visit to Canyon Ranch Lenox with my mom in 1992 rises to the top of the list.  It changed my life so significantly that I decided in 2004 that I needed to make spa and wellness my career!

BDG: Which travel destinations are next on your list? 

SF: Cuba, Serenbe in Georgia, Northern Italy, Japan, Sante Fe, NM and South Africa.

The colorful streets of Havana, Cuba

The colorful streets of Havana, Cuba

BDG: What’s your favorite aspect about traveling? 

SF: My favorite aspect about traveling is I always come back different.  Travel expands my mind and creates a sense of wonder no matter where I go.

BDG: What are your guiding words of wisdom? 

SF: That’s a tough one but I would have to say that there are several quotes told to me by my mother who is no longer here that I play over and over in my head.  They are:

“Life by the inch, it’s a cinch.  Life by the yard, very hard.”

“Whatever gets you through the night . . . “

“Don’t accept delivery”

“Be kind to Sallie”

When I deconstruct all of them they lead me to the same place which is to take life a moment at a time, be kind to yourself and don’t judge others as you have no idea where they’ve been.

Sallie and Jessica in Kitzbuhel, Austria

Sallie and Jessica in Kitzbuhel, Austria