If Not Me, Then Who?


Have you ever wished you were someone else? Maybe someone famous, or rich, or powerful, or simple, or older, or prettier….

Yes, we all have fallen into that mind game of not being happy with ourselves, because we seem to think that everyone else has it so much more together than we do and that they are so much happier than we are. Really?


The exterior might be alluring, but once you remove that enviable shell, you'll find something very familiar underneath. The moment we step back and begin to take a look at others and see their journey, we observe that everyone has to shed their protective shells in order to grow. That shell might be wealth, or beauty, or intelligence, however the shell is only part of the whole. The person behind the shell is experiences the same thing we do. No matter what the exterior may appear to be, this person also loves, suffers loss, is driven at all costs, does not love themselves, judges themselves and at times feels there is never enough.


Above all, it's essential to remember that we all are in this together. We all have our part in this world and none of us are perfect. Once this universal truth sinks in, then maybe you can look at yourself outwardly and inwardly and decide that you are indeed perfect just the way you are.

The wonderful, glorious, indescribable…you.