The Wisdom of Setting Intentions

Four years ago, when BuDhaGirl started, there was a fringe group of people, mostly neurologists, psychologists and self-help gurus who understood the clear benefits of setting intentions.

I am happy to report that setting intentions is now becoming a bit more mainstream, however with still a long way to go. And do you know why more people don’t practice setting intentions? Because it is so easy…people think it doesn’t work.

For something to influence our life we think it must be complicated, we don’t believe in our own power of free will.  We don’t believe that by simply thinking about something we want or the outcome we want that we are unable to influence its happening.

Nothing can be further from the truth. By daily affirming what it is we desire we begin to make things happen towards that end. It is a gentle process sometimes barely noticeable, like a butterfly landing on your shoulder. Our will makes us tune into others that can help us, it opens our eyes to the subtle clues placed before us by the universe, we become one with our goal, with our intention.

Intentions are not things. Intentions are us. We are what we think.

Take a moment, set an intention, then go... be it.

Take a moment, set an intention, then go... be it.

The success of our All Weather Bangles is heavily dependent on their message of setting intentions.This message has been embraced by BuDhaGirls all over the world because it works. Talk to any BuDhaGirl and she’ll tell you about the power of setting intentions and about the brief moment to quiet our inner conversation and focus on what we want. Then any BuDhaGirl will tell you to go BE IT.