The Wealth of Wisdom by Dr. Rosa Rivas

The great philosopher and father of Taoism, Lao Tse, pointed out that "Knowing others is knowledge, knowing thyself is wisdom."

What great wealth we have within ourselves and are able to discover if only we journey into our own interior. To know yourself requires the reality vision to recognize our weaknesses and fragility, but at the same time the gratitude for the gift of our greatness and enormous potential.

The wealth of wisdom is sowed in our thoughts, for what we think is what determines our attitudes and beliefs. Attitudes are the inner dispositions that determine our behavior, and beliefs are the inner paradigms that determine our reality. In your own wise thoughts you have the wealth of determining your actions and the limitless possibilities of constructing your destiny.

The heart of true wisdom is humility. This extraordinary virtue gives us the enormous wealth of resiliency when confronted with our shortcomings, and the greatest wealth of our hearts which is faith. We can find the wealth of wisdom in nature, in the example and messages of the wise, in the meditation of the meaning of life and death, and most of all within ourselves. It is within ourselves that we can reach the greatest source of wisdom who is The One, God himself. No wonder St. Augustine said "Lord let me know myself so I can get to know you."

Let us take the deepest dive into the ocean of our oneness and become truly wealthy with the values that can never be taken away by the whims of fortune.