Webster’s Dictionary defines resilience as: the ability to recover readily from illness, depression,
adversity, or the like; buoyancy. My definition of resilience is: the ability to survive gracefully by accepting reality.

Every day, every minute that passes we are changing and the circumstances in which we find ourselves are constantly challenging us. This cycle of change begins at birth and does not stop until we leave this existence. How we manage this constant change makes us resilient (or not).

Some are more resilient than others and those “some” tend to be better equipped to handle anything that comes at them. Is resiliency something that can be learned or is it innate? I think it is a bit of both. I have observed children on the playground that fall, some get up brush themselves off and keep playing (innate) while others fall, look around to see if anybody saw them fall and then start crying and the play session is over (these guys must learn, hopefully).

I often meet people that have had incredible hardships through illness, location, war, relationships, finances and mental issues; they tell me their stories. I am amazed when I hear what they have been through and have the grace and joy to tell their stories, they are accepting of their reality and are able to continue through life with a sense of purpose.

My approach to obtaining resiliency is by thinking clearly. Forcing myself to see things as they are, not as I wish them to be. Once I am clear about the situation I am in, I think: what is the worst that can happen? And if the worse does happen, then what? I don’t linger in worry. I call upon my internal resources such as patience, optimism and the powerful knowledge that: this too shall pass. And you know what? Life goes on, things pass…they always have, they always will.


Posted on February 10, 2017 and filed under Mindfulness, Words of Wisdom, Lifestyle, Jessica Jesse.