Perspectives on Wealth

How one defines financial "wealth" is very personal, it's a unique perspective that's determined through a number of factors throughout our lifetime. What we considered as "wealth" when we were 20 might be dramatically different by the time we are 50. Like a sense of style or a political opinion, your definition of wealth is determined by personal experience and is ultimately a reflection of personal values. 

Since we all lead very different lives governed by different priorities and salaries, there is truly no blueprint for how one should craft their perspective on wealth. Of course, we've all seen diagrams for how much we should have saved by certain ages, or suggestions for what percentage of our income should be spent on a mortgage, but these breakdowns certainly don't take individual priorities and goals into consideration. 

How would you define wealth in your life? Beyond day to day financial stability, is "wealth" having a certain amount of flexibility in your life? A nice retirement? A lack of debt? A surplus of savings? Key real estate? An accumulation of stocks and bonds? Ask yourself not only how you would define wealth, but how were you led to this definition?

In the end, no matter how you define wealth, it's a matter of mindset. Many philosophers suggest that the trick of gaining wealth is to feel as though you're already wealthy - whether that's rich in experiences, money, or simply rich in loving relationships. At BuDhaGirl, we believe that a grateful heart and clearly set intentions create a powerful magnet to attract the abundance you seek.

Posted on March 13, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.