When A Little Goes A Long Way

Have you ever been invited to a home that did not have much financial foundation, but felt amazingly warm and comfortable with no sense of lacking?

This has happened many times in my life where I have been fortunate to be in the presence of people that live very well with very little. Everything in these homes has a sense of being, of purpose, not much is superfluous because it simply can’t be.

I think back at meals I have enjoyed that cost nothing but were extraordinarily memorable. Many times these meals began with an olfactory overload, when scents beckon you to pay attention and then you settle down to mindfully eat a meal prepared with total attention to detail.

Farmer’s markets are some of my favorite places to shop. I love the fact that people are selling things they have grown, baked, sewn, and collected. Honey is probably my most favorite thing to buy because every market offers the honey of that particular region. Honey is so perfectly simple.

And of course the greatest gift that is so valuable, yet has no monetary value whatsoever is the gift of oneself. When we take a moment to be truly present for someone it is a treasure; a treasure of connection saying without words that you are there for them. In the end, these connections are gifts to yourself, they cost you nothing just a bit of your time.

And this my friend goes a long way…


Posted on March 20, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.