Key Lessons on Change

There are three key lessons I have learned from change:

One, it’s going to be uncomfortable.

Two, it’s going to be exciting.

Three, you will be different.

Lesson One

Yes, at the onset change is uncomfortable. It asks us to leave behind, shed, expand, and be vulnerable.  We see change as dual: good or bad; we seldom see change for what it is: an opportunity. We are scared of failure or of not liking the change, and of not liking our new self. No guts no glory, my friend.

Lesson Two

Change is exciting. It is like a rollercoaster…awful when you are waiting in line and getting strapped into the seat. Fantastic when you realize you are off on the journey. A journey that is full of hope, curiosity, joy, and very importantly of letting go. Allowing the adventure to open paths for you. Being your fantastic self that meets the world in its agony and its ecstasy.

Lesson Three

Hello, new you. You survived. You learned. You grew. You changed. You are now even more amazing.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

Posted on April 14, 2017 and filed under Jessica Jesse, Inspiration, Mindfulness, Words of Wisdom.