When Outer Beauty Inspires Inner Beauty

Authors, philosophers, actors, models, artists and more have agreed across space and time on one simple truth: beauty radiates from the inside out. But can outer beauty inspire essential qualities of inner beauty as well? From compassion to wisdom, we're examining 6 elements of inner beauty and how they could be inspired by the beauty of our physical world. 

Art and Appreciation: The appreciation that stems from interactions with art can be applied across the spectrum of life. Looking at a beautiful work of art can teach you the skills of examining beyond the surface, and of appreciating something as is without judgement or expectation.

Travel and Open Mindedness: When you visit a new place - be it half-way across the world, or just in another neighborhood - you're required to drop your guard and be receptive to new ideas. In your travels, keep an open mind and everything you encounter can register as beautiful.

Food and Love: Since the beginning of time, food has been a great unifier and a display of love and care. When you are presented with a thoughtfully cooked, beautifully displayed plate of food, you're being presented with a token of love. Who will you cook for next, and how will you prepare it to reflect your affection for that person?

Environment and Respect: When you gaze out over a beautiful landscape, it's hard not to be filled with a plethora of emotions. The physical power of the landscape combined with its fragility inspires in many a deep sense of respect. Such a profound respect can be directed to landscapes, people, and so much more. 

Animals and Compassion: Animals both domestic and wild are beautiful, soulful additions to our daily lives. In regular interactions with animals, we are inspired to be compassionate, kind and tender towards them and others in our environment.

Libraries and Wisdom: Libraries are a direct physical manifestation of an exterior beauty that inspires a deep inner beauty. When you step inside these sanctuaries of knowledge, you have the power to expand your wisdom and inner beauty in an infinite number of ways.

Posted on July 12, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.