The Beauty and the Best

Beauty has been ignored for far too long. No, I am not crazy…I just think that we don’t approach beauty for what it is, how it came to be, and what is represents.

Beauty if you look at it, is simply the best. When I look at a flower I see the best in creation, God’s best work. The same goes when I quietly look at the ocean and observe the beauty in its movement, sound and smell.  The stars, a fern, a simple patch of moss living on rock…symbiotic beauty. All nature, all creation, all God.

Then, I acknowledge beauty created by man. When man creates beauty he is at his best. His very best. His giving best. He is tapping into something bigger than himself. (If your prefer, please feel free to use she, instead of he in this paragraph.)

Yesterday I visited Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. As I sat in a short moment of contemplation I remembered that I was needing to write about beauty…beauty created by man. I sat admiring the elaborately carved stonework in this magnificent piece of architecture. Man creating lace out of rock. Man telling a story. Man leaving something for others to enjoy. Man inspiring man. This to me is beauty.

I am overcome with joy when I hear an aria from La Boheme or Amazing Grace being played on the mournful bagpipes. Man creating musical beauty. Beauty in art, the need for man to communicate visually to discover the magic of light, a Caravaggio showing us light and dark. I can go on for days illustrating man’s need to create beauty, and every time that I think of an example of beauty I end up back to my theory that man creates beauty when he/she is at his/her best.

That’s why I don’t mind if people say that BuDhaGirl is in the beauty business.