The Beauty of Mistakes


When you stop and think a moment about mistakes, there is one undeniable truth: We are not alone, we all make them… we are all in this exclusive club together, no matter how smart, successful, old, beautiful, clever or wise we believe ourselves to be.

We all put our foot into it.

My personal experience has been that once the proverbial misstep has taken place, the best thing to do is to try to gracefully and kindly manage ourselves out of the situation. And how you ask… do you do that?




Then, the rest is easy. Once you are at peace with the boo boo you have committed and are truly sorry about it, then you may begin to rebuild and make amends to make things better again. BTW I believe that many of our mistakes are not only self-inflicted, but heavily affect mostly us.

So in this, the first wee hours of 2018, I would like to throw out the following: suppose, just suppose that starting today when we make a mistake we perform a review ritual:

Remove yourself to a quiet place, breathe. Then, kindly talk to yourself clearly and review what happened. Don’t dwell on the who…whether it was your mistake or someone else’s. Ponder on the why. Mistakes are not singular in nature; they need many factors to occur. If you are truthful to yourself, you will soon see the mistake not as a horrible incident, but a series of preventable future circumstances. Now, with that new clarity in mind, decide to forgive. Your heart is now free from anger and blame. Your mind is now ready to move forward and build.

When we approach our foibles with clarity and kindness, we are given (the universe is wise in this matter) the tools to build greater things – and what’s more beautiful than that?