Fashion Defined by Nature

Earlier this month at the Global Wellness Summit, BuDhaGirl presented “Fashion Defined by Nature,” the first-ever wellness fashion runway show. The 20-minute-long show featured a limited edition collection by La Forma, a clothing line that specializes in performance athletic wear. Each of the pieces in the presentation were inspired by the extraordinary imagery of Louie Schwartzberg, who is an American director and cinematographer recognized as a pioneer in high-end time-lapse cinematography.

The show took place at the miraculous Grand Hotel di Rimini, known by many for its association with Federico Fellini films. On either side of the runway, Schwartzberg’s time-lapse cinematography was projected. As the models walked through the garden runway, the correlation between the video and the prints on the clothing was beautifully apparent.

As guests took their seats, the first look they saw was a statuesque flower girl, a stunning manifestation of spring. Brimming with imagination and beauty, this living flower set the scene for what was yet to come. The runway show was divided into four scenes: spring, summer, fall and winter. On the accompanying screens, viewers saw Schwartsberg’s remarkable video of blooming flowers, canyons, hummingbirds in slow motion, mushrooms sprouting, glacial landscapes and more. To mark the beginning of each scene, Jessica dressed a model in a fabulous vintage designer coat from her own collection. Lastly, the show closed with “the bride,” an all-white athletic wear look that Jessica brought to life with tulle, rhinestones… and bangles, of course.

Below are some of our favorite shots from the runway show. What is your favorite look from the collection?