You Know You Have Made It When…

BDG Team

You know you have made it when you walk into your office on Halloween and your entire staff is dressed up like you. You actually have a “you” costume, or a look that people can replicate.

I get that I have always loved fashion and dressed and accessorized to my heart’s desire (and this doesn’t necessarily mean from an expense point of view). I also always joke that people should try buying mirrors and actually using them because as we all have seen some people simply don’t (use mirrors).

But even a discerning eye may not realize that the selections we choose for ourselves might be creating a true statement that can be replicated by others to represent who we are.

Now let’s see… you all know that I am a maximalist. Everything from my home, to my car, to my clothes, my cooking, etc., tends to be layered. I play with color, texture, proportion. Everything I own has a story, I either inherited it, or I precisely know why, when, and where I bought it.

So here is what the BUDHAGIRLS needed to achieve that Jessica look:

Wear black

Wear pink

Wear lots of necklaces

Wear lots of bracelets and of course a couple sets of AWB

Two rings (no more)

No earrings

Statement shoes

Killer handbag

Oh… yes, the undeniable scarf

And always eyeshadow, glam eyelashes and lipstick.

Half readers.


Voilá, Jessica.