The Small Things

The Small Things

The small things - are they the insignificant parts of life, or the most important?

Imagine the “small things,” that occur throughout your day. Morning coffee. Getting dressed. Starting your car. Sitting down at your desk. Walking the dog. Talking on the phone. Cooking dinner. Doing a crossword puzzle.

Are these moments passing you by? Are you fully engaged as they’re happening?

Being aware, present and committed to the daily “small things,” isn’t just a key to living mindfully. An awareness and appreciation of the small things is an essential ingredient to being content. The enjoyment of these little moments is what we work for, so how do you show your appreciation?

Enjoying the small things is all about taking into account the parts that make up the whole. When you’re brewing your morning coffee, be aware of the texture of the beans, the scent, the taste. How do these parts come together to create one experience for you to savor? As you get in your car, recognize the stitching on the wheel, the comfort of the seat, the power of the engine. How does an acknowledgement of these parts make you appreciate your car more? How does it effect your enjoyment of the ride?

Make a list of the small things that happen through your day. When you separate each into parts, watch as these mindless habits evolve into mindful rituals before your eyes.

Posted on November 5, 2018 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration.