BDG Team on Gardening

Spring has sprung! Today the members of the BuDhaGirl team tell us about the importance of spring planting. No matter what you're planting, the action of sowing a seed (a vegetable seed, a flower seed, or an idea "seed,") can teach us lessons of patience, persistence and appreciation.


Jessica: Here's Fred the BuDhaKitty gardening with BuDhaGirl.


Caryn: Flowers make people smile. And to start a process from a seed and watch it bloom into a full flower is inspiring. You must be patient and consistent everyday.  I love to plant sweet pea flowers. They are fairly easy to grow and create a beautiful, colorful arrangement in my flower pots. 


Twyla: The past few years, I've been actively trying to turn my black thumb green. On my front porch, I have 10 different pots that I fill with herbs and vegetable seeds. What I love most about gardening is that it requires me to be completely engaged. With my hands covered in dirt, I'm incapable of checking my phone or multitasking. I find the task of gardening very rewarding too. You check on these little seedlings every day, and before you know it, they've grown big, look good, and smell even better. It's especially rewarding when the leaves grow back after a dormant winter - it is a very simple, but powerful lesson to us all about resilience and rebirth.


Bianca: My favorite thing about spring is seeing all of the beautiful flowers blossom. I have fond memories of helping my grandmother plant flowers in the spring when I was younger. The action of planting helps me to feel calm and forget my problems.


Irma: Some of my favorite things about spring are the smell of freshly bloomed flowers, the sound of birds chirping, and how the days seem to last longer. I enjoy planting flowers, too. I like the feeling of beginning something from its foundation - it's a fulfilling process.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 3.06.29 PM.png

Kalli: One of my favorite things about gardening is that it makes you responsible for the wellbeing and growth of something outside of yourself. I like to plant fruits and vegetables, so gardening is very rewarding - especially when I reap the harvest at the end of the season!