Awaken the Soul


“Beauty awakens the soul to act.” Dante Alighieri

What is the force that makes us want to do something? To change something? To act on something? What is it that sets our souls on fire? For many, it’s simple. It’s the pure force of beauty.


Beauty is inspiring in more ways than one. Seeing something beautiful might inspire you to create something. You see an impressive landscape, meet a charming person, and you’re inspired to paint a composition, direct a movie, or pen a novel.


Hidden beauty is also a powerful force. Imagine a once grand house that’s fallen into ruin, or a war-torn country. You see potential in the underlying beauty and you are inspired to make a change and restore the beauty that has always been there but is tucked away.


Lastly, unprotected beauty certainly demands that the soul acts. A magnificent beauty, such as an African elephant striding across the savannah, leaves you completely awestruck. While this beauty is moving, it’s also vulnerable. You ask yourself how you can protect this beauty, preserve it so that others might enjoy its beauty too.


Ask yourself what sets your soul on fire. Where is the underlying beauty? Does it inspire you to create, to act, or to protect? Once you are aware of this beauty, you’ll be attuned to the elements of beauty that surround you each and every day.