Featured Store: Talulah & Hess

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Today, we’re introducing you to one of our first retail outposts in the Dallas area - Talulah and Hess. This charming lifestyle boutique is discerningly fresh and stylish, a destination for beautiful giving and modern living. Their thoughtfully curated product selection unites beauty and function to uplift the spirit.

BuDhaGirl: Tell us about Talulah & Hess.

Talulah & Hess: Talulah & Hess is a gift and lifestyle boutique located in Dallas, Texas. This year we are excited to celebrate 16 incredible years in business. We strive to offer our customers unexpected and captivating products for their homes, as thoughtful gifts and for their daily lives. Talulah & Hess is a place to gather with friends, our customers’ happy place and a space to be yourself. We are constantly working to better our city through neighborhood outreach, mentorships and community involvement.

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BDG: Why does BuDhaGirl speak to your clientele?

TH: At Talulah & Hess we believe in ‘Beautiful Giving, Modern Living’ and honor that belief by offering products that give back to our community and enhance our customer’s quality of life. BuDhaGirl’s Mindful Glamour offers our customers more than just stylish accessories, but serves as a reminder to slow down, set intentions and enter each day with love and gratitude.


BDG: What fashion and accessory trends are you noticing for spring and summer?

TH: We are loving the return of the layered bracelet stack. Combining different colors, textures, and metals is a quick and easy way to showcase your own personality and flair. We love mixing our BuDhaGirl All Weather Bangles with other bracelets and bangles for an unexpected pop of color or added touch of sparkle.

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BDG: What’s your favorite BuDhaGirl item? Why?

TH: Our favorite BuDhaGirl item is the gold All Weather Bangles. The All Weather Bangles’ glamorous functionality make them ideal for the Talulah & Hess gal. Our girl boss on-the-go can take them from the boardroom to happy hour, our hard working moms keep stylish from playdates to bath time, while our Dallas girl-about-town can stack them for lunch with friends then hop in a pool to beat the Texas heat, all while stylishly accessorized. Their versatility, comfort, and perfect amount of shine makes them a favorite among our customers.

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BDG: Why is mindfulness, ritual, and intention important to you? How do you practice these things daily?

TH: In today’s fast paced world, slowing down and living in the moment doesn’t always come easily. It takes practice and focus to make mindfulness a daily habit. We believe in beginning and ending each day with gratitude, love, peace, and joy. By consciously taking a few minutes to put down the phone, breathe deeply and reflect on our thoughts and emotions, we find our bodies and minds centered and focused, ready for the day at hand. Intention is something we reflect within our store, both through our products, the ambiance of the space, and kind spirited nature of our amazing staff. By practicing a few minutes of daily meditation, we hope to share that peace with our customers, allowing them to live in the present moment and carry joy with them throughout their day.

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Talulah and HESS

5810 Live Oak Street, Dallas, TX 75214




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