Dad's Cars


Chloe: For as long as I can remember, my dad has always told my sister and me stories about the days of him cruising around in his red ragtop Jeep wrangler. No radio? No problem. No AC? No biggie. He said he just needed 4 wheels and some gas. And like his old red Jeep, my dad has always been content with the basics that matter: good health, a great family, and seeing the best in everything and everyone. 26 years later, and I myself now drive a red Jeep wrangler, just like my dad. If can be a fraction of the person my dad is today, then I’ll consider myself a pretty happy gal. Happy Father’s Day to the coolest and most genuine guy out there!

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Irma: The first car I remember my dad having was a baby blue El Camino. He loved that car, he used to take the family to the local rivers to swim. When the fair would come, it was tradition for the family to pile in and head to the fair grounds. If we didn’t all fit in the front, the rest would just pack in the back. He would always keep it clean, both inside and out. Unfortunately that is not a trait that passed down to me.

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Twyla: My dad is the ultimate car guy. Some of my favorite memories I have with him took place in the car. When I was growing up, my dad drove a bright yellow Ferrari. He loved that car. He took impeccable care of it. My dad dropped me off at school in the Ferrari every day - as long as rain wasn't in the forecast. Thinking back, I can still smell the leather of the interior, see the beautiful, hand-stitched details, and feel the whiplash as he kicked the car into gear to speed down the highway to school. Memories with my dad in the car have a very certain soundtrack too. From pre-kindergarten to the day I could drive myself, we listened to the same three CDs on repeat: Beatles, The Doors and Cat Stevens. Classic and cool, just like my dad. 

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Elizabeth: Although he worked in a car shop in his youth, my dad's real passion is for bikes. Growing up, Sundays were for motorcycle rides around the lake and a large burger and fries from Keller’s Drive-in. My dad took pride in his Harley Road King, and taught me how to care for something with such great value. Not a weekend went by where it wasn't oiled, gassed, and polished from head to toe. To the guy who taught me so much, happy Father's Day to the coolest biker dad I know!

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