Finding Happiness, Meaning and Purpose in Life

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Can we have it all?

I am continually amazed at people who are determined to be unhappy, to feel like there is something missing, and even when they have so much comfort, it seems that this is still not enough. They are empty. 

I was at a dinner party last evening where a man even posited that you need to be unhappy in order to create and move society. He felt that if we had been happy through history man would not have progressed to the level of accomplishment we have today. (Oooops… I guess he didn’t take into account some the that progress accounted for… war, weapons, and slavery.)

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My point is this. Having goals and aspirations in life is good. Ambition, hard work, even our little friend the ego is not so bad, if we learn one thing: Live in the moment. Enjoy the now.

This has been said by wise men and women over time and yet we fail to listen.

We are constantly seeking instead of being. Being in itself should be pretty fabulous and it is only when we lack things like our health, or the company of those we love that we realize we don’t need much else.

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I never tire when I tell people to enjoy the everyday things in life… your shower, your coffee or tea, your car, the noise of running water, the smell of a candle, toast, a sunrise, your phone (yes even your phone), can be a source of pleasure. I ask them to work towards the big moments in life keeping always in mind the joyful steps to get there. Even when things don’t go our way, we should understand that there is a take away in the good and bad.

Be happy now for you will never know about tomorrow. 



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