Learning to Live in the Now

Live in the Now

 “We do not know how to live in the NOW – we really should learn.” – J. Jesse 

Who can define time? And yet, from the moment we are born, we are exposed to its paradigms according to our current ability to understand this phenomenon. 

I am not a numbers person, but I wager that over 90% of the human population is ruled by the principle of past and future. We are taught to learn from the past (experience) and to plan for the future…

But what about NOW? Who are we? What are we to do? Why do we do what we do? Why do we wait? When has our family, our schools, and our religions ask us to be in the now? To simply be.  (Remember I said 90%.) 

Being in the now is exactly that: simple. All you need is the desire to turn your attention to how you are feeling, what you are observing, what you are hearing and tasting, and being okay. Deciding not to decide but letting things flow and allowing your choice, your next move, to be natural… in accordance with nature.

I am and have always been a doer. I make choices every minute of every day. But I have learned to make the choices fully in. What this means is that, yes, I understand that my actions will create a future event and therefore become a past event but what counts is how I am in the NOW.

The key to now is desire and quiet… try NOW, it is wonderful.