Good Taste

The first rule about good taste is not talking about it…but since this blog is precisely about that well, there just might be some exceptions.

Good taste is a redeeming qualifier. When you say someone has good taste it is even better than saying someone is beautiful because good taste although innate in some, denotes education, cultivation, discernment, refinement, and humility.

No one with good taste says… “hey look at me I have good taste” (okay, I digress…on Instagram many laud themselves to having good taste). People with good taste go about their lives naturally unaware of having to try too hard, meaning that they are not actively engaged in developing good taste for its own sake.

Good taste is about being comfortable in one’s own skin, and in pretty much any environment. It is being aware, accepting and grateful. Good taste is having the wisdom to know that this too shall pass and that who they are is not defined by wealth, looks or association.

So read, write, eat, maintain your body, mind, and spirit well…Share with others and as a few extras: don’t wear tank tops (unless doing sports) and ripped jeans (never).