GWS Fashion Presentation

There are times in your life when being proud is just so, so, soooo good. I experienced one of these moments at the Global Wellness Summit in Singapore this past month.

My daughter, Sloane, created a fashion presentation for an audience of five hundred-plus international delegates comprised mostly of CEOs, owners, and C-suite executives in the wellness arena. Sloane was tasked to approach the subject of fashion and sustainability through the lens of what will be the new generation of consumers. By the way, Sloane is 16 years old.

Sloane, to her credit, brought the house down. She narrated a video that spoke about looking around and not ahead, the message was to look at the abundance that we currently enjoy and to stop always wanting more. It also spoke about having respect for the past and for using our creativity to create our own unique style.

If you decide to watch the video, keep in mind the following points…no clothing was purchased; everything was from our family’s closet. The drawings on the video were drawn by Sloane, the point of the drawings is bringing new life to these classic, enduring, high-quality clothes. Beautiful, non-fast-fashion, clothes endure, they are expensive for a reason, and that reason is not always the label.

The excess of fashion goods is an enormous problem and we must try to tackle it in our own small way. Decide what your values are, then make your purchase. Look around, not ahead.

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