A Love Letter to Jewelry

Jewelry... is it just an accessory, or something more? In honor of National Jewelry Day today, we're examining the ways in which jewelry not only beautifies our lives, but helps us to live more thoughtfully.

Our respect towards jewelry starts at the beginning: Acquisition. When we purchase jewelry, we do so with care. Whether it’s a piece of fine or costume jewelry, we approach the buy with a handful of questions. Very rarely is jewelry something that we simply throw into the cart like a t-shirt or a pair of sunglasses. Lesson 1: We buy less, but it means more.

Jewelry is also one of those precious things that is often passed down to us, an heirloom. When we look at it, we think of the others before us that have worn it. In this way, the jewelry carries with it memories and soul. As you put it on, you can’t help but think of the power each piece of jewelry innately holds. Whether you’re wearing All Weather Bangles, or a pair of diamond studs your parents gifted you, you come face to face with Lesson 2: We innately wear jewelry with intention.

Last but not least is the way in which we part with our jewelry. When the time comes, we don’t throw jewelry away as we would a tattered pair of jeans. Instead, we grant our jewelry a new adventure. In this way, the memories that our jewelry holds continue to live. Lesson 3: Give your jewelry to someone who would enjoy it.

As we see with these three qualities, jewelry teaches us valuable lessons on how to live more mindfully… and what could be more beautiful than that?

What is the most special piece of jewelry in your closet? Tell us in the comments below!