What makes something important?

 “Things don’t have to change the world to be important.” – Steve Jobs

A day in a life. Think about it… think about what you do every day, what makes up your life, what makes you…you.

These things are as important as or even more so than the milestones we aspire to during our life. So many events during our lifetime are “important” markers, rites of passage, arrivals, accomplishments: becoming. Society pushes us to seek these times and things that should make us feel like our work, ambition, dedication and discipline pay off. I believe we leave so very much on the table by living this way. I am a huge proponent of having goals and ambitions, and having the perseverance to attain your dreams, but not at the expense of daily joy.

The details of everyday life are what makes each day special even if we consider these details routine. Maybe that’s why BUDHAGIRL’s tagline is MINDFUL GLAMOUR © “turning routines into rituals.” It is these daily actions that must bring quality to our life and hopefully the compilation of these take us on our journey towards our bigger destiny. 

So, when you think about the things that you do every day that makes you… you, decide to do them so that they make you happy. Bring meaning to something like making your coffee or tea, walking your dog (or cat), watering your plants, bathing, saying good morning, meditating, healing, teaching, being kind, even just enjoying your body’s movement. These things are the important things to you, so what does it matter if the rest of the world thinks they are important?