Faith: The Agent of Change

“Almost universally faith has been derived from religion. Through the rituals of prayer, believers ask for the gift of hope, the gift of love, the gift of healing. They do this as an offering to a being that has the ability they don’t have – the power of change. Without really thinking that the power of change is inherently always in us.”

 It is a privilege to try to expand on one’s own quote or idea. So here it goes… 

Faith is a powerful force, it might just be the most powerful force we know because it does one thing: it encourages choice and choice instigates change. Faith also has a fraternal twin (not identical) and she is called hope. 

Humans have the spark of being conscious which is different than being sentient. I believe that all “living” things are sentient, they feel. Consciousness however is a trait that seeks. Through consciousness, humans seek to understand their world, the universe, their fate, the meaning of their life and because this true understanding is so elusive, we are driven to faith. 

Through our faith we try to explain life and even for those that say they are atheists, faith becomes hope. Our faith and hope in life forms our values. These values can create and inspire us to be and become amazing beings. However, as we have seen, these values can also destroy, as then, it seems that co-existing with different faiths is almost too much for us to handle. 

Our values based on our faith and hopes form who we are and rule our actions. Our actions cause reaction thus causing change. So, I ask you, are you in charge of your actions? Are your actions based on your values? Are your values based on your faith?