Get Off Your Bum

“It is not the knowing that is difficult but the doing.” – Chinese Proverb

We all know that we should get 8 hours sleep, eat well-balanced-sustainable meals, drive eco-friendly vehicles, re-cycle, exercise, meditate, learn a new thing each day (Bonnie Pittman learns 3), work at something we love, be mentors, dress well, wear AWB….okay you get it, we all know we should do these things, but how difficult would it be to do them and a few more along the way?

Not that hard.

Doing things is leading a well life. There is wellness in doing. There is great merit in doing things in the service of others. Doing at the end of each day allows you to be at peace when you lay your head down to sleep. Doing is showing gratitude to the universe for giving you health, wisdom and the freedom to do.

Set your daily intentions.

 It really is easier and…. oh so much more glamorous with All Weather Bangles.