Why is it that many times the word happy makes us precisely the opposite…not happy?

I suppose it is because happiness, the result of being happy, is something we are a bit scared of. As if admitting that we are searching for happiness zaps the joy to be happy. There is too much pressure for us to conform to what society thinks should make us happy, when in reality we might not want any of these things. I have met many very successful people lately that have just stopped. Stopped and changed the course of their lives so that they may live the life they want to live and experience “their” happiness.

I also think that a great majority of people do not know happiness until it has passed; happiness is felt and talked in past tense.

Wise people know that happiness is being present. Just being. Simply being aware of each moment and finding joy in that very place. Not thinking back or ahead. Eckart Tolle’s The Power of Now is a simple and beautifully-written book about just that: being…happy.

Being for me is my happy spot…it is my happy me.