Taking The High Road

Sometimes circumstances appear in your life that force you to stand up for your values and set standards. This wake-up call of sorts is normally unexpected and more often than not…difficult.

For example: would you agree that one of the most difficult things you could tell someone (that’s not your teenager) is that they have body odor? Just thinking about this situation gives me anxiety…how in the world do you approach this? It is hard to imagine that an adult living in a first-world country (the US) with the availability of 68,962 deodorants, soaps, talcs, perfumes, is not self-aware enough that they smell.

Would you or your business want to be represented by someone with such an issue (BO)? No…right? You want you and your team to be respected and with that respect comes self-care. But now, as a leader you are forced to address this situation…it doesn’t matter that this person is a rock star, top producer, a really nice person…it doesn’t matter. You have to stand up for your values, for what is appropriate for your team and clients and you must also approach this situation in a caring and compassionate manner.

What to do? How to say it? What if the person’s feelings are hurt? But, what’s worse, what if I don’t address this? Then…quietly, peacefully, you must reflect on the impact of not standing up for your values. Maybe then you will find the right time, the right words and the right demeanor to set standards and affirm your values.