Antoinette's Paradigm

“No one is satisfied with his fortune or dissatisfied with his intellect.” -Antoinette Deshoulières

When I read this quote, many of my observations on life pale. Boy did dear Antoinette nail it on the head!!! I have yet to meet someone like that.

In this day of information overload everybody has become an expert on everything and sadly all the information we do have, makes us unhappy with our “fortune.” We are constantly questioning are we rich enough, pretty/handsome enough, fit enough, healthy enough? We are unsatisfied. Yet supposedly we are very smart. So, I ask…as smart people should we not be satisfied with our life?

I believe that this never-ending loop of satisfaction and dissatisfaction occurs for a pretty simple reason: We are not living in the moment. By focusing our attention on what has been or on what is to be, our inner voice is always judging, rating, classifying…seeking to bring us dissatisfaction. Maybe if we stepped back for a bit and asked ourselves; am I really as smart as I think I am by thinking about things that are not in my control? Then, perhaps we could break dear Antoinette’s paradigm….